Soy Flour Untoasted

Prestige Group is one of the main suppliers and global exporters for soy flour untoasted in India.

Product Description

The protein content of the flour in soy flour untoasted is 52%. Soy flour is usually mixed with whole grain flour for a delicious taste and health benefits of soy. It imparts functional characteristics like emulsification, stabilizing and high-water absorption.

Health Benefits

  • Fermented soy foods may improve cognitive function in body
  • Protein in soy flour can be beneficial for post-menopausal women
  • Soy flour as part of a healthy lifestyle can help in reduction of excess weight
  • Contains all the nine essential amino acids in the necessary amounts
  • The nutrients help lower cholesterol and prevent loss of bone mass

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Used for fortification of cereals, a main ingredient in white pan breads, pizza dough, buns and pastries. Also used to make pasta, it provides oxidative stability and acts as an emulsifier.

Food Items

Used in diet food, baby food, drink mixes. The high oil content in soy flour untoasted makes it an ideal non dusty base for improvers and premixes and improves mixing tolerance.

Home Cooking

Used as a thickening agent, a supplement to wheat flour and to prepare soy milk, soy yogurt and soy paneer (TOFU). It is gluten-free and recommended for weight watchers.

Non-Food Items

Soy flour untoasted can be used in medicine, chemicals and adhesive glue.


Content % Flakes (P1) Flour (P2)
Protein % (Min.) 51 50 - 52
Moisture % (Max.) 10 9
Acid Insoluble Ash %(Max.) 0.4 0.4
Total Ash %(Max.) 6.0 6.0
Fiber %(Max.) 3.50 3.50
Fat %(Max.) 1.0 1.0
NSI % 62 - 67 62 - 67
PDI % 75 - 80 75 - 80
Nitrogen %(Min.) 8.16 8 - 8.32
Urease Activity mgn 1.75 - 2 1.75 - 2
-- %(Min.) -1400 micro : 90 %-250 micro : 90%
Sieve* -- -- -150 micro : 75%
Analysis %(Max.) -250 micro : 10% --
PP bag
  • 50 Kg, Jumbo bags
  • Bulk in containers
TF2 - PP bag
  • 50 Kg