Chunks And Granules

Prestige Group is one of the main suppliers and global exporters for soy chunks and granules in India.

Product Description

Rough in texture but turns spongy when cooked, soya chunks and granules are a storehouse of health benefits and can be easily incorporated in several recipes.

Soy chunks and granules are prepared from defatted soy flour from which the soybean oil has been extracted.

Soy Chunks

Soy chunks are also called soy nuggets or nutri nuggets.They are power-packed with protein and essential amino acids.

Soy Granules

The tiny soy pellets are an excellent source of protein and are also rich in iron and calcium making it a complete nutrient-rich meal source.

Health Benefits

  • Full of polyunsaturated fats, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids
  • A good source of Vitamin B, K, Riboflavin, Folate and Fibre
  • Can efficiently lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body
  • Rich in iron copper and magnesium
  • Rich in folic acid and vitamin B complexes

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Food Item

Known as 'vegetarian's meat', soya chunks are a versatile food item that can be cooked to have a similar flavour as non-veg curries.

Animal Feed

One of the major uses of soybean across the globe is as livestock feed. Rich in essential amino acids, they fit right into any type of forage-based ration.


Physical Properties
Colour Natural Golden Yellow
Shape Uniform
Flavour Acceptable
Texture Moderate
Bulk Density 0.81 - 0.22gm/cc
Water Holding Capacity 4 - 4.5 Times
Typical Analysis
Moisture 8 (% w/w, Max.)
Fat 1 (% w/w, Max.)
Protein 52 (% w/w, Min.)
Ash 6 (% w/w, Max.)
Crude Fiber 3 (% w/w, Max.)
Metabolic Energy Value 340 (K Cal./ 100gm. Min.)
Urease Activity 0.2 (mg/N2/gm/min at 300 C, Max.)
Total Bacteria Count : 20,000(counis / gm, max.) | Salmonella : ABSENT | Coliform : ABSENT