Prestige Group is one of the main suppliers and global exporters for high-quality soy lecithin in india.

Product Description

An important component of both food and non-food products, lecithin is generally used as an emulsifier and lubricant.

It also has uses as an antioxidant, flavour protector and animal feedstuff. Soy lecithin also provides functions in numerous industrial applications.

We offer soy lecithin in three forms

Soy lecithin liquid

Soy lecithin powder

Soy lecithin granules

Health Benefits

To know about more soy food health benefits



Dairy and Dairy Alternative

Soy lecithin can help achieve the sensory performance to give your dairy products the much-needed edge.


A staple ingredient in bakery applications to experience greater loaf volumes, superior ingredient mixing, increased moisture retention, improved release agent characteristics.

Chocolate and Confectionery

Reduces chocolate’s viscosity and increases their shelf life. Also, it helps chocolate makers keep costs in check as it reduces the amount of cocoa butter required.

Instant Food and Beverages

Reduces lumps and improves textures in powdered foods and beverage mixes. Its emulsifying properties disperse fat-binding and water-binding ingredients in water, milk and other liquids.


Personal Care

Serves as emulsifiers for many beauty applications. Lecithin is also used in ointments, salves, body washes, shampoos, sun care products, body butter and makeup products.


Highly used due to its elevated levels of phosphatidylcholine (PC). Its water dispersibility and emulsification properties are critical for many liquid and topical pharmaceutical formulations.


Lecithin offers a range of benefits in industrial as well as agricultural applications. It has emulsifying and dispersibility properties that play critical roles across fields and factories.

Animal Feed

Improves the digestibility of the feed fats and fat-soluble vitamins. It functions as an emulsifier in products like milk replacers, wetting agents and dispersant. Is a valued pellet feed and pet food.


Food Grade Feed Grade
Acetone Insoluble % (Min.) 62 62
Toluene Insoluble % (Mix.) 0.3 0.3
Acid Value MOH/Eq(Max.) 30 30
Peroxide Value m.Eq.(Max.) 5 5
Colour (Gardner Scale) 10% Diluted in Toluene 10-13 10-13
Moisture %(Max.) 1 1
Soy lecithin should be stored in a cool dry place.
24 months after manufacturing.
HDPE drums- 200 Kg