True leadership is about one life influenceing another.

Dr. N. N. Jain (Padma Shri Awardee)

Founder Chairman of Prestige Group
Dr. Jain has been titled as 'Soy Man of the Millennium' by the prominent publication group of India, 'The SAARC Oils & Fats Today'.

Dr. N. N. Jain (Padma Shri Awardee), Founder Chairman of Prestige Group is a renowned technocrat and first-generation entrepreneur who has played a key role in the integrated expansion of soybean farming, growth of soy processing industry, edible oils, livestock feeds, flour milling, and development of export of soy meal to the world markets.

Our Founder Chairman's vision sets the standard of our work.
  • Fair business practices
  • Customer satisfaction and delight
  • Highest standard of hygiene and housekeeping
  • Optimum motivation and empowerment to the workforce
  • The International quality level and meticulous quality control
  • Competitive technology in an increasingly borderless world
  • Corporate governance with professionalism and human touch
  • Breaking new grounds in Agrobusiness, IT and Education
  • PRESTIGE Commitment towards providing healthy and nutritious food in form of edible oils, soy proteins, and agri-products.



With his experience, foresight and meticulous planning, Dr. Davish Jain laid the basic road map for our success. His extensive knowledge in trade practices and his networking skills on local as well as global level, makes him a true 'Prestige Leader'.


Joint President

Mr. Dipin Jain is the man behind mobilization of dreams into reality. A technocrat with thorough knowledge of process, his passion for technology and endeavour for excellence in process has helped Prestige achieve optimization at all levels of operations.


Managing Director
Plant Operations & Maintenance

A Mechanical Engineer with a management background, Mr. Kapil Jain is a strong promoter of people development and localization. He brings over two decades of hands-on experience in the manufacturing process and maintaining the plant and machinery at the factories.


Managing Director
Prestige Agro Tech
Prestige Education Foundation

A management professional, Mr. Himanshu Jain is currently in the process of launching international operations. Besides making Prestige a global name, Mr. Himanshu Jain is also adding value to the education sector with Prestige Education Foundation.


Executive Director
Prestige Group of Industries
Prestige Education Foundation

A Chemical Engineer and Scientist, Er. Ketan Jain has gained market share through focused customer-centric marketing campaigns. Mr. Ketan Jain has made a formidable name for himself in the Edible oils space in India. He is also heading the ambitious Prestige University Project.