Prestige Group started out in 1977 with an animal feed milling plant. In 1980-81 we expanded into soybean processing with a solvent extraction plant followed by edible oil refining and feed grade soy products. In the year 1988, we added three more solvent extraction plants with combined soybean and oilseeds processing having a capacity of 2000 tons per day and edible oil refining units having a capacity of 300 tons per day.

In the last four decades, Prestige Group has created a strong presence across diverse sectors including Oil Seeds, Soybean and Edible Oil Processing, Wheat Milling, Food Products, Agro Processing, Feed Products, Fabrication and Engineering, LPG, Commodity Trading and Education.

Our international footprint includes presence in 40+ countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Our vision and name capture the essence of what we are. With our experienced Human Resource, we strive to be known for reliability, responsiveness, innovation and exemplary citizenship.


Our mission is to contribute to qualitative progress and welfare through the provision of value-added products, services and technology. We strive to provide income-generating opportunities and inclusive growth of the farming community, as well as agricultural enterprises.