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Prestige is the first brand of Soya Refined Oil in India to acclaim Quality Seal Of the American Soybean Association. Prestige Gold Refined Cooking Oil is nutritious & healthy for heart. Prestige Gold has natural taste, odorless with sparkling clarity, and is high in PUFA & low in Cholesterol. All these qualities makes Prestige Gold 'The Cooking Medium Par Excellence'.

Applications: Prestige Gold Refined Cooking Oil is available in all Quantity sizes, viz: 15 liters Tin, 15 Kg Tin, 15 liters jar, 5 liters Jar, 2 Liters Jar, 1 liters Jar and 500 ml. Pet bottles as well as in Pouches of 1 liter Jar, 500 ml, 200 ml, and 100 ml. Bulk quantities of Prestige Gold is also available for food & hotel industries for manufacturing of Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings etc. 

Available throughout Central/Western/Eastern and Northern India.


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