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The Key to tap the goodness of Soyabean is the production process 100% dedicated to quality. At PRESTIGE, that describes our process perfectly. It begins with careful selection of the top grade soyabean. After cleaning, the beans are dried thoroughly so the hull can be easily removed. The soyabean dal is then rolled into full fat flakes, at which point the soyabean oil is extracted.

The flakes left behind after the oil is extracted is processed further which contain about 53% protein, and are the basis of a variety of soya products. They can be ground, for instance, into soya grits of soya powder.

Prestige Group is one of the pioneers in promoting edible oil self sufficiency in India and its Prestige Gold brand is the first ever brand in India to secure quality seal of the American Soybean Association. The Group has also carved a niche for its Indian Super Soyameal in competitive foreign markets especially in South East Asia, Far East, and other countries. Excellence is integrated into the whole system in Prestige from the Processing plant to the Board Room. Performances are meticulously maintained at the highest standards, Prestige has a national mission with a global vision.



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