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International Quality Animal Feeds 

The Prestige Feed Mills at Indore in M.P. and Ambala in Haryana are manufacturing and Feed Concentrates in mash, pellet and crumb form is most popular among poultry farmers throughout India. Prestige Feed is subjected to rigorous and meticulous quality control from the state of receipt of raw material to delivery of finished products. Prestige quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the latest and most modern testing equipments handled by highly qualified professional and experienced chemist.

Prestige Feeds are bagged in new bags to avoid contaminated and each bag of feed passes through accurate weight and proper packing checks and are available in jute bags of 75 kgs. 

Prestige Feeds results in

  • Faster growth in chicks and birds.

  • High feed conversion ratio resulting in feed economy.

  • Longer peak period and uniform consistency in egg production, making each bird more yielding and profitable at lesser cost.

  • Better quality eggs.

  • Lowest mortality and best health in birds.

  • Greater production resulting in best economy and high profits.

  • The only poultry feeds without fish meal.

  • Soybean meal is the most consistently high quality protein source, provides balanced amino-acids with the addition of methionine.

  • Using of enzymes in our feeds provide better and economical utilization of feed.



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